Additional Resources

Apprenticeships: Case Studies

A brief document on the experience of apprenticeships from the perspective of the apprentices.


Making Work-Based Learning Work

This document provides an overview of work-based learning models for marginalized populations. 


Collaborating on a Sectoral Approach to Strengthen Workforce Training

This document provides examples of collaborative efforts to increase sectoral workforce development.


Arkansas Apprenticeship Coalition: Pre-Apprenticeship Progress Report

An example of progress tracking which can be used to develop evaluation measures as well as to track progress on an ongoing or periodic basis.


Registered Apprenticeship: Supporting WIOA Implementation with High Impact​

Understanding WIOA and RA relationship. This detailed power point is an introduction into a) intersection between RA in the WIOA; b) an overview of ways to fund RA; c) ways that RA supports WIOA outcomes; d) resources which programs can use for planning and carrying out an RA program.


50,000 Reasons Why Registered Apprenticehips Works!

This article reviews many benefits of apprenticeships.


Strategies  for  Creating  Work-Based  Learning  Experiences  in  Schools  for  Secondary  Students  With  Disabilities

This article offers a review of strategies for developing a work-based teaching methodology for students with disabilities at the secondary school level.


Wisconsin Pre-Apprenticeship Readiness Program

This document provides an overview of the program and describes how it provides quality instruction and related work-experience for individuals. 

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grams provide quality instruction and related work experience.