After an injury in 2003 limited George’s ability to work, he found himself receiving disability benefits. He missed interacting with customers, as he had at his former job. George also longed to be back at work, feeling productive and making his own money.

Initially, George thought he would be able to return to work on his own. However, after finding and facing many barriers to employment, he realized he needed help.

When I had the aspirations to go back to work, I did not know how to get back to work. So I thought, well, let me call the employment agency to see if I could get in contact with someone that could…get me back to work, protecting my benefits, with the hopes or goal of working permanently off benefits.

George’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program provided him with a team of professionals, including a Benefits Counselor, Job Placement Specialist, and Rehabilitation Technician. Each was a specialist in their field, proving to be an in-depth resource.

George​His counselors found George to be positive, open, and determined, all factors helping his job placement search. One of them explained, “To work with George is just an inspiration. Right from the beginning, he has the best elements that we’re looking for, and that’s he wants to work.”

While George’s enthusiasm inspired his VR counselors, he also benefited from their knowledge, learning the dos and don’ts of how to keep his benefits until he was able to get off them. “It’s been totally worth [working with VR] from two aspects. The financial part, it’s been really good to be able to get back to work…But the main thing is that it helped me to realize that I could get back to work…letting me know I can be successful and get back in the working world and not let my limitations define who I am.”

Within two months of working with his VR team, George was able to find a job at Core Controls, a building automation systems provider. His new position keeps George feeling productive and purposeful.

At Core Controls, being more successful … the sky’s the limit. I feel like there’s no limit now.


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