SGA Model Demonstration

The ICI implemented the SGA Model Demonstration rigorously testing a rapid engagement coordinated team approach in Kentucky and Minnesota to improve wage outcomes of vocational rehabilitation customers who received SSDI benefits. Read the Mathematica Policy Research evaluation reports and listen as George tells his story about participating in the SGA Project for a first person account. Funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, U.S. Department of Education, Grant Number H235L100004.

Listen as George tells his story about participating in the SGA Project, and as Kim Peck; director, Minnesota VR; and Buddy Hoskinson; former director, Kentucky OVR; share their agencies' perspectives.

George: SGA Project Lived Experience

Components of the SGA Project

The SGA project consisted of four components that changed the vocational rehabilitation job placement process: early and continuous financial education; early business outreach and job placement; coordinated team approach; and rapid engagement. Read more about each of these areas by clicking through the sections below.

Rapid Engagement

The SGA Project Model Demonstration tested a rapid engagement coordinated team approach.                                               

Coordinated Team Approach (CTA)

Click here to read about how working with a team of professionals with a variety of expertise can improve the VR experience and outcomes for clients.

Early and Continuous Financial Education

Learn more about the array of financial services, education, and planning that can help VR clients.              

Early Business Outreach and Job Placement Services

Learn more about the enhanced job placement services provided to job-seekers.