Early Business Outreach and Job Placement Services

This section below and the resources attached for download are meant to provide a fuller picture of only one (Business Outreach/ Job Development) of a multi-part intervention model that constituted the SGA project. As part of the SGA Project, each participating site had a job placement specialist who was a member of the team for each client. The specialist assisted in the development of employment goals and plans from the onset, so that these would be an essential part of the IPE. The business outreach and job placement element as one element with the multi-faceted overall intervention with the following issues in mind:

The VR office developed an internal capacity for Business Relations and Job Development and Placement in the person of a specific staff member as one of the Coordinated Team Approach. In addition, the VR office could establish collaboration with external entities such as Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) or Evidence Based Supported Employment in MH (IPS) services for in order to the team based specialist to assist some of the SSDI consumers to achieve their employment goals.

Intervention Business Relations and Job Placement Components: Each office had the capacity to (1) develop business relationships with area employers and (2) work directly with consumers and employers to achieve employment outcomes at SGA and above by the end of the intervention period.

Rationale: An embedded “dual customer” philosophy and the necessary capacity, competencies and expectations of the VR staff who were part of the Coordinated Team would help achieve greater employment outcomes at higher levels of earnings for consumers with SSDI.

Expected Impact -- Short–term: Consumers participating in the study would have ongoing access to information, services and support that would lead to more effective career decision-making, job seeking strategies, and access to local employers.

Consumers would get employment with income at SGA level or above. The SGA Coordinated Team would develop a network with local businesses and access to more jobs.  

Impact -- Long-term: Consumers would achieve employment outcomes they aspire to with benefits and enough income to lead them out of poverty and provide career mobility You can find out more about best practices overall in employer outreach and job placement including how to develop employer relations, personalize the job search process, facilitate the job placement process, and more at: https://www.explorevr.org/toolkits.