A Dual-Customer Approach: Increasing business services partnerships and systematically using LMI for high quality employment outcomes

Jennifer Scilacci
Date/Time [EST]: 
09/05/2018 - 2:00pm

Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation is aligning and enhancing collaborations with our core WIOA partners, including our Workforce Center business services teams and sector initiatives, to leverage opportunities with businesses and create better opportunities for our clients.  Along with this initiative, we are systematically and sustainably training all staff in the use of labor market information and the Career Index Plus. This will allow our agency to tie IPE goals more directly to LMI, to help clients and counselors understand current employment opportunities and future business needs. VR clients represent a talent pipeline for business, and our goal is to bring business and clients closer together. 

This webinar is free and worth 1 CRC Credit. It will be live captioned and hosted on the Zoom webinar platform. To access the captions during this event, please follow this streamtext link. The powerpoint presentation will be posted here before the webinar, and the caption transcript will be posted after the webinar is over. To request additional accessibility requests, please contact explorevr@umb.edu


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