How much money do VR consumers earn from coast to coast?

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This data analysis compares average weekly wages across states for the same occupations. For example, in 2014, VR consumers working in Protective Service occupations in Alaska made an average weekly wage of $790.00, whereas the average weekly wage in Ohio was $320.00 for this occupation. However, VR consumers working in Education occupations in Ohio made an average weekly wage of $669.30, while consumers in Alaska made $462.00 a week on average.

Why might weekly wages vary so drastically across states for the same type of occupation?

To learn more about average weekly wages and hours worked, read the analysis: Time and Money: How Major Occupations stack up for VR Consumers

Description: This figure shows the average weekly wages in each state for VR consumers successfully placed in major occupation types. The results are presented in a chart and a map.

Population: All VR clients 

Data Source: RSA-911

Instructions: In this chart, average weekly wage values for each major occupation type are listed by year from 2008-2014. Use the drop-down menu above the chart to view the average weekly wages by state. In the map figure, average wage values are represented by darker shades of blue for higher wages and lighter shades of blue for lower wages. Place your curser over a state to view the corresponding average wage. Select different occupation types by clicking on the associated radio buttons. Click the left to right arrows to view years from 2008-2014.