Frequently Asked Questions: ExploreVR Webinars

ExploreVR Webinar FAQs

Thank you for your interest in ExploreVR webinars! ExploreVR hosts a variety of webinars on vocational rehabilitation (VR) and related workforce topics. Below is our list of frequently asked questions. If your question is not on the list, please contact Katie Allen at


Who should participate in ExploreVR webinars?

Most ExploreVR webinars are designed for VR personnel and other community workforce providers. VR counselors, managers, supervisors, directors, program coordinators, community rehabilitation providers, and other workforce staff regularly attend our webinars. Other attendees include VR researchers, teachers, professors, and college and university administrative and support staff. Anyone who is interested in VR is welcome to attend.


How much do ExploreVR webinars cost?

All ExploreVR webinars are free of charge.


Are ExploreVR webinars accessible?

All ExploreVR webinars are presented through Adobe Connect using an audio and visual format. All webinars are live captioned by a captioning service. Adobe Connect has built-in shortcut keys that can be used with JAWS screen reader commands to navigate an Adobe Connect session. Webinar presentations use Microsoft Powerpoint as visual presentations. All powerpoint presentations are available in advance on

To request a copy of the presentation Powerpoint in an alternate format, or for any other accessibility requests, please contact:  

To learn more about Adobe Connect accessibility, please visit:


How can I register for an ExploreVR webinar?

You can register for all ExploreVR webinars by visiting and going to the upcoming webinars page. ExploreVR lists all upcoming webinars with links to their corresponding registration pages. On the registration page, you will provide your email address, name, and additional information to complete the registration. Once you complete the webinar registration, you will receive confirmation and reminder email messages with webinar access details. If you do not register for the webinar, you will not receive email messages with important access information.


How do I access the webinar?

You can access the webinar through your computer. You will be able to view the presentation on your screen and listen through your computer speakers or headset. You do not need a phone or a web camera to participate.

All ExploreVR webinars are presented through Adobe Connect. After you register for an ExploreVR webinar, you will receive a confirmation message that includes a link to the webinar. ExploreVR recommends testing this link when you receive the email confirmation to ensure that you are able to access Adobe Connect from your computer. You can run an Adobe Connect system test on your computer to determine any issues in advance. To run the test, follow this link:  

When the webinar is scheduled to begin, follow the webinar link from your registration email to enter the webinar room.

You can request accessibility accommodations during the ExploreVR webinar registration process. Please note that all ExploreVR webinars are live captioned. If you would like to obtain a transcript of the webinar, or if you would like the webinar Powerpoint in a format other than PDF, please contact Katie Allen at


Can I get Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) credits for participating in an ExploreVR webinar?

Yes. If you are a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), you can receive CRC credits for participating in most ExploreVR webinars. Most webinars are 1 hour in length and are worth 1 CRC credit. In order to receive CRC credits for attending a webinar, you must register for the webinar and complete the evaluation at the end of the webinar. Once you have completed the evaluation, you will receive an email message with the CRC verification form within 1 week of the webinar.

ExploreVR does not offer continuing education credits for other certifications at this time. We also do not offer CRC credits for viewing archived webinars. If you have additional questions about CRC credits, please contact Katie Allen at


What if I watch the webinar in a group on one computer? Can I still receive CRC credits?

Yes, you can certainly watch the webinar in a group. In order to receive CRC credits, you must register for the webinar in advance and complete the webinar evaluation at the end of the webinar.  If you watch the webinar in a group, you will not receive a separate email with the webinar evaluation link. In order to access the webinar evaluation link, you must copy the link from the screen to your web browser. Alternatively, the person with the main computer can copy and send the link to all webinar viewers in the room.


What if I experience technical issues during the webinar?

The most common reason for technical issues is poor internet connectivity. To reduce the likelihood of experiencing issues during the webinar, be sure to use a wired internet connection (not wifi), close unnecessary web applications, and arrive early to the webinar. We can more quickly assist with technical difficulties before the webinar begins. If you do experience a technical issue, first try disconnecting and reconnecting to the webinar. If you are still experiencing technical issues after re-establishing connection, you can contact This email address will be displayed on the webinar screen for the duration of the presentation.


How can I access the evaluation link at the end of the webinar?

The webinar evaluation link is displayed on screen at the end of the webinar presentation. The webinar evaluation link is also listed in the “links” text box on the last screen of the webinar.  If you watch the webinar in a group, you must copy this link from the screen to your web browser or receive the link from the person with the main computer in the group. When you complete the evaluation, you can request a webinar topic that may be of interest to you. We take your feedback into account when developing new webinars. 


What if I miss the webinar?

If you miss an ExploreVR webinar, you can view the webinar anytime after the live presention by visiting and going to the archived webinars page. ExploreVR archives all webinars within a few days after the live presentation. Please note that Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs) cannot receive CRC credits for viewing archived webinars at this time. All ExploreVR webinar times are listed in Eastern Time. If you are participating in an ExploreVR webinar from a different time zone, please allow for the time difference. For example, a webinar scheduled for 2PM in Boston will run at 11AM in California.