Executive Summary Funding Health-Related VR Services: The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Use of Private Health Insurance and Medicaid to Pay for Health-Related VR Services

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Affordable Care Act
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Bobby Silverstein

Publication Year: 2012

One of the myriad of issues affecting the administration of the vocational rehabilitation (VR) program by state VR agencies under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act is how to maximize access to and use of all available funding sources to pay for VR services and supports, including health-related services, for VR applicants and clients rather than expend limited federal and state VR funds on such services. For example, in 2011 the total expenditure for diagnoses and treatment of physical and mental impairments by state VR agencies was $263,920,111, which equals 14 percent of the total amount of purchased services. This amount ranged among state VR agencies from less than 1% to 69% of the total amount for purchased services.

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