Enter the ExploreVR Open Data Competition!

What is the ExploreVR Data Lab?

The ExploreVR Open Data Lab is an interactive web portal that offers access to a range of vocational rehabilitation (VR) and related data. We release the data in its most raw form, and build useful applications to view the data.

What is the ExploreVR Open Data Competition?

The ExploreVR Open Data Competition promotes the use of data sets and analyses presented in the Data Lab. Because we take part in “open data,” it is our hope that you and your peers will build off of and expand the work that we put forth.

How can I enter the competition?

You can create a data analysis or visualization using data from the ExploreVR Open Data Lab. Then, provide context for the data in the form of a two-page to four-page brief. The focus of your analysis could be on a wide range of VR-related topics:

  • National, state, or local levels
  • State VR agency type
  • Specific disability category
  • Specific population subgroup
  • Policy and regulations
  • Financial

When is the deadline?

The deadline to submit your analysis is September 15, 2016 at 5pm EDT. 

How do I submit my data analysis?

You must use the Form for Submission to enter the Data Lab Competition. Include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Attachment of the paper and analysis (in Microsoft Word file format)
  • Brief description of submission

Your work must be original. If we put your analysis up on our site, it will be licensed under a Creative Commons BY&SA license.

How will the competition be judged?

Data analyses and papers will be judged according to the following criteria:

  1. Appropriateness of analysis
  2. Novelty of approaches used in the analysis
  3. Clarity of objectives, approaches, displays, and results
  4. Significance of findings
  5. Generalizability of approaches to data sets in other aspects of VR
  6. Overall quality of the analysis

What happens if I win the competition?

The winner of the competition will be the featured user. Featured users use data on the site to advance knowledge, change policies, or modify practices. We highlight featured users on the front page of Explore VR with a short description of how they used ExploreVR and the impact of use.

In addition to being featured on www.explorevr.org, the winner of the ExploreVR Open Data Competition will receive a $350 award.

What are the ExploreVR Open Data Competition rules?

This contest has been designed to demonstrate the benefit of open data access. Please engage with the contest in that spirit and in good faith. You must not include submissions that include:

  • Information that is potentially libelous, false, defamatory or overtly political
  • Material that is potentially confidential, that is commercially sensitive, or that could cause personal distress or loss
  • Any commercial endorsement, or promotion of any product, service, or publication
  • Information that invades privacy
  • Language that is offensive, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate
  • Information, language, or materials that are misleading, deceptive, violate a third party’s rights, or are otherwise contrary to law

We reserve the right to reject submissions that do not comply with the letter and spirit of these rules.

As an ExploreVR Open Data Competition applicant, you agree to only submit data or other materials that you have the right to use and release consistent with these contest rules. You consent to ExploreVR representatives using your name and details of your submission in any media for an unlimited period of time, without remuneration, for any publicity and marketing purposes.

Thank you and good luck with the competition!

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