The cost of VR services in the U.S.

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The amount of money the U.S. spends on VR services varies from year-to-year. The number of consumers VR serves also varies each year. There are 80 VR agencies across the country. In 2009, each VR agency spent $22,751,427 and served 17,071 consumers on average, spending about $1,333 per consumer. In 2013, although VR agencies served only 373 more clients on average, each VR agency spent an average of $25,731,115, or $1,475 per consumer.

Description: This figure shows the dollar amount that the U.S. spent on VR services from 2008-2013. The graph also shows the total number of clients that the national VR system served each year.  

Population: All VR clients 

Data Source: RSA-911

Instructions: In this figure, the blue line represents VR services dollar values, and the orange line indicates the number of VR clients served Place your curser over the dots to view the corresponding dollar amounts and clients served for a given year. Use the radio buttons to filter results by agency type.