Common Jobs for VR Consumers across Blind, Combined, and General Agencies

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Common VR consumer occupations vary across blind, general, and combined Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies. Consumers from all agency types are most often placed in Office and Administrative Support Occupations, such as administrative assistant and bank teller positions. However, agencies for the blind placed the second highest number of consumers in Sales and Related Occupations, whereas Food Preparation and Serving-related Occupations ranked second for both general and combined agencies, and fifth for agencies for the blind.

Each year from 2008-2012, general agencies and agencies for the blind least often place clients in Military Specific Occupations. Combined agencies were least likely to place clients in Military Specific Occupations in 2008 and 2009, but from 2010-2012, 'Legal Occupations’ ranked last for combined agencies, while military occupation placements greatly increased.

In 2011, combined agencies placed 1,200 clients in military occupations while general agencies placed on 63 and agencies for the blind placed zero.

Why might military occupations, such as Infantrymen and Special Forces Weapons Sergeants, be more common for Combined agency clients than for clients from General agencies or agencies for the Blind? And why did Combined agencies experience just a dramatic surge of military placements in 2011?

Description: This table displays successful employment outcomes for major occupation types by different agency types between the years of 2008 and 2012.

Population: All VR clients
Data Source: RSA-911

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