Virginia Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Demand and Supply Meetings

The Career Pathways Project Coordinator (CPPC) at Virginia Department for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBVI) hosts Demand Meetings and Supply Meetings in each region throughout the state around career pathway industries. Demand Meetings include VR business relations specialists (BRS), as well as representatives from businesses and community colleges. The BRSs, CPPC, and Community College representatives learn from employers about what credentials are important for potential employees. At these meetings, employers occasionally commit to interviewing DBVI clients.

Supply Meetings include VR counselors, career pathways staff, DBVI BRSs, and community partners. The CPPC shares information from Demand Meetings with VR counselors. Counselors integrate agency business relations LMI from Supply Meetings into activities with client. The CPPC surveyed counselors about LMI and found that most counselors use the Career Index Plus, O*NET, and Virginia View with clients. Additionally, counselors ask clients to explore career options on their own before meeting with the counselor.

DVBI is planning a Logistics training for clients with the community college. Logistics is one of the career pathways in Virginia. Before implementing this training, DBVI is held a Demand Meeting to engage employers and ensure the training demand. At this meeting, DVBI asked employers:

  • Are these credentials important to you?
  • Will you hire individuals with these credentials?
  • Will you pay them more for having these credentials?
  • Can you guarantee interviews for clients with these credentials?

Twenty-three business representatives from small businesses to large corporations attended this Demand Meeting.  

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