Pre-apprenticeship Programs: A Model for Skill-Enhancement with Strong Employment Connections

Deborah Kobes & Jonathan Bibb
Date/Time [EST]: 
01/25/2018 - 1:00pm

Pre-apprenticeship programs are being implemented in states across the nation, helping individuals enhance their skills and secure employment in a range of industries. This webinar will:

  • provide an overview of pre-apprenticeship programs, from the types of skills on which they focus to their connection with Registered Apprenticeship programs, and
  • offer tips for partnering with and participating in these programs.

The webinar will feature a Deborah Kobes, a national subject matter expert in work-based learning models from Jobs for the Future, as well as Jonathan Bibb, Director of the Arkansas Career and Training Institute (ACTI), from Arkansas Rehabilitation Services describing his successes and lessons learned with pre-apprenticeships. 

Download the Powerpoint slides: Jobs for the Future (PPT) and Arkansas Career Technical Institute (PPT)

Download the Webinar Transcript

Identifying Pre-Apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship Partners (doc)

Pre-Apprenticeship Action Plan (xlsx)

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