North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation uses LMI with Consumers

North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NDDVR) participated in the JD-VRTAC intensive TA, with a focus on how to help consumers use LMI on their own. NDDVR developed and delivered VR consumer group trainings about how to use The Career Index Plus (TCI+) for career exploration, and included supplemental instructional guides for consumers to reference during and after the training.

During the application phase, NDDVR consumers complete career assessments. Career Assessment Specialists discuss the results of the assessments with consumers, and then introduce LMI based on the consumers’ interests and skills. Career Assessment Specialists explain the instructional guide and occupational summary worksheets that consumers can use as they explore career options on TCI+. Then Career Assessment Specialists work with consumers to schedule the TCI+ training groups. After participating in the groups, Career Assessment Specialists help set up TCI+ profiles with consumers, By the time consumers are found eligible for VR services and meet with their counselors, they will have already begun their career exploration process.

NDDVR believes that consumers who use these tools themselves are more invested in the career exploration process. Consumers have confirmed this with positive feedback about the TCI+ trainings and LMI materials.

To learn more about the LMI consumer trainings and instructional guides, view North Dakota DVR’s archived webinar and additional materials on ExploreVR.

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