The Innovative Guided Rehabilitation Employer Engagement Training Series (iGREET)


Are you looking for information and training on ways to effectively support employers? The iGREET training series is for you!  

The core components of the training are 4 modules that are offered in both for virtual classroom style and self-paced online versions. To support agency wide adoption of the principles and practices presented in the training, supplemental training and guides are available for agency leadership and trainers. To learn more about the course content, visit the iGREET course description.


iGREET Training Elements

As an effort to support the development and expansion of employer services within vocational rehabilitation agencies, iGREET is comprised of the following components and formats:


Online - Self-Paced Course 

The online, asynchronous iGREET course offers participants the opportunity to complete individual iGREET modules or the entire course within a three-month period. This is a stand-alone, self-paced course using the iGREET curriculum content and a variety of online learning modalities, including case studies, videos, text, resources, and knowledge checks. Please note that participants need to have their desired content completed before the end of the 3 months, as log-ins credentials expire after the closing date.  

Upcoming online training dates:

  • July 1 - September 30, 2023: Registration is closed
  • November 1, 2023 - January 28, 2024: Registration is closed

  • March 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024: Register here!

  • July 1, 2024 - September 30, 2024: Stay tuned for registration information

 Watch for upcoming training dates through the ExploreVR newsletter and on this page.

Virtual - Instructor-facilitated Course 

For learners who prefer to learn through discussion and face-to-face interactions, the iGREET course (14 lessons) is offered via Zoom and is delivered classroom style. This format is great for you if you prefer to interact with your fellow participants and the trainers. Lessons are typically held once a week and attendance at all or most of the lessons is required (see lesson descriptions for training content information)

 Watch for upcoming training dates through the ExploreVR newsletter and on this page.

Community of Practice (CoP) 

Another benefit of having completed an iGREET course is the opportunity to participate in a CoP with peers from around the country. The iGREET CoP provides 8 monthly one-hour sessions to discuss topics determined by participants, as they identify areas of interest and employer engagement needs. The CoP allows course participants to share their perspectives, ask questions, and learn about various local and national EE models. 

Course participants will be given the opportunity to register to attend the CoP. If you have previously attended the iGREET online or virtual training, the next CoP is running February 28 through August 28, 2024. If would like to learn more about the Community of Practice, please send an email to

Train-the-Trainer Guide 

Agencies may choose to use the iGREET curriculum as a group learning opportunity for staff professional development. This guide supports in-house training staff to support and enhance participation in the iGREET online course. The guide provides training staff guidance on how to supplement the iGREET online content to give learners opportunities to a) fully understand how Employer Engagement is implemented in their specific agency, b) practice their skills or c) discuss additional employer engagement situations and strategies.   

This guide will support trainers in facilitating cooperative learning opportunities for training cohorts. Included in this guide are the following:  

  • Explanations of the objectives and desired outcomes/takeaways of each module and specific lessons within each module  

  • Appendices containing the branching scenarios and case studies presented in the online lesson, for review and further discussion.  

  • Background information (“Quick Guides”) provides detailed information about many topics covered in the modules.  

  • Strategies for completing and discussing fieldwork activities.  

  • Additional discussion topics and exercises to expand learning opportunities for trainees, including team projects, agency strategy development, etc.   

  • Access to videos that were used in the online training, which are organized by module and available for review and discussion, at the trainer’s discretion.  

To receive access to the iGREET Train-the-Trainer Guide, you must attend a training session. Interactive Zoom training opportunities for agency trainers are available periodically throughout the year.

The next course will run April 4 – September 12, 2024. Register here (Registration closes March 28, 2024)

 Watch for upcoming training dates through the ExploreVR newsletter and on this page.

Supervisor Guide 

A guide for supervisors of employer engagement staff is available to provide an orientation to the iGREET curriculum through the lens of agency supervisory staff, as well as to encourage and support the use of best practices in employer engagement. Topics such as outreach to businesses, data collection, information sharing, etc. are covered in the iGREET curriculum and elaborated on in the iGREET Supervisor Guide.

If you have any questions on the guide or upcoming trainings, please send an email to

Leadership/Administrators Guide 

A guide for VR directors, senior management, and program directors is available to provide an orientation to the iGREET curriculum through the lens of agency leadership, as well as to provide considerations and implications that may arise through staff training. The iGREET Leadership Guide provides perspectives and best practices regarding local and state-wide decision-making, employer engagement policies, agency infrastructure, staff professional development, etc.  

If you have any questions on the guide or upcoming trainings, please send an email to

Rehabilitation Counseling Academic Faculty Guide

The iGREET Academic Faculty guide is a companion to the online curriculum and has been developed for use by faculty and students in academic rehabilitation counseling programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Although employer engagement is a mandate of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling programs have traditionally focused on job seekers with disabilities as their primary customers 

As a resource to supplement existing VR course content, this guide provides the following:
  • descriptions of the online, asynchronous iGREET content, including comprehensive learning objectives, evidence-based and promising practices, resource materials, case studies, and other information relevant to working with employers  
  • a crosswalk between iGREET lessons and CACREP standards 
  • access to online iGREET course content by lesson, and without pre-post tests or other completion criteria. 

To receive access to the iGREET Academic Faculty Guide, contact


All of the iGREET components are reflective of the iGREET curriculum which includes four modules (a total of 14 lessons).

The iGREET series was developed under the Program on Innovative Rehabilitation Training on Employer Engagement (PIRTEE) grant funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration Grant (RSA) #H263C190012. There is no cost to participate in any of these activities through the course of the grant ending September 30, 2024. CRC continuing education credits and certificates of completion are available upon request.