Winners of the Explore VR Open Data Lab Competition

Julie Ashwill

Julie Ashwill received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Cleveland State University. As an undergraduate, Julie participated in various undergraduate psychology research projects. Julie currently works as a case manager in a social service agency focused on independent living for older adults, and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Julie’s goal is to become a certified occupational therapist, working to help children with sensory disabilities use service animals.
Julie learned about the ExploreVR Data Lab while researching vocational rehabilitation services in the greater Boston area. She found that it was helpful at providing raw data and clearly explaining the different data. Julie used the data to analyze the impact of LMI on occupational segregation because this is a topic she feels passionate about. As a woman, Julie feels very strongly about wage equality for both genders and wanted to take a closer look at how occupational segregation could affect wage discrepancy.  
In her spare time, Julie enjoys reading, yoga, and hanging out with her cat.

Read Ms. Ashwill's data analysis.

Dr. Lydia Schuck

Dr. Lydia SchuckDr. Lydia Schuck earned her PhD in interdisciplinary health sciences from Western Michigan University. Dr. Schuck’s studies focused on the transition of youth with disabilities to adulthood. Specifically, she investigated the factors associated with college attendance and persistence among blind youth. 

During her doctoral studies, Dr. Schuck also worked as a research associate for the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center. Currently, she conducts research and provides technical assistance and professional development related to transition and blind youth. She also develops grant proposals for the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan. 

Dr. Schuck shared her experience using the ExploreVR Data Lab:
“It was easy to download and use the data in the csv and Excel formats on ExploreVR.  I appreciated the feedback from the reviewers at Explore VR. It was fun to work on something knowing that there might be a quick turnaround to completion, that is, compared with the process of publishing in an academic journal.”

Dr. Schuck began her career as a math teacher. When she became a mother of a child with autism and blindness, Dr. Schuck studied Braille to provide homeschooling to her daughter, and immersed herself in the world of special education and rehabilitation. 

In her spare time, Dr. Schuck enjoys gardening and leading a social group for young women with social challenges in Lansing, MI.

Read Dr. Lydia Schuck’s Data Analysis 

Bradley W. McDaniels  

Bradley McDaniels is a research assistant and doctoral student in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Kentucky. He is currently studying bio-psycho-social aspects and quality of life issues of Multiple Sclerosis patients under Dr. Malachy Bishop. Brad used Explore VR’s Data Lab to analyze job placement and earnings among individuals with intellectual disabilities in Kentucky.

Brad shared his experience using the Explore VR’s Data Lab:

“There were numerous ways to analyze the data as well as many avenues to take in determining a course of research. It was helpful that there were so many potential areas to address throughout the data set. Further, having the data broken down by year made sorting and manipulating relatively simple, and having someone at Explore VR available for questions proved quite valuable.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this experience so early in my graduate schooling and look forward to doing more of this in the future.”

Brad was raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Kentucky to play baseball at Eastern Kentucky University. He left a long career in pharmaceutical sales to return to school at the University of Kentucky, where he discovered his passion for teaching and research. Brad currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wonderful wife, Kimberly, and daughter, Sydney. He is an avid reader, sports fan, and enjoys walks with his wife. Ultimately, Brad plans to work at a research institution as a professor and researcher. Given his love of teaching, he hopes for the opportunity to impact the lives of others the way his professors have impacted his life.

Read Mr. McDaniels' Data Analysis (PDF)

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