Quality Assurance Practices through Vendor Utilization Management in California Department of Rehabilitation

Theresa Correale, Suzanne Chan, and Lori Bruno
Date/Time [EST]: 
10/02/2014 - 10:45am

As part of California’s Vocational Rehabilitation Modernization efforts, the Vendor Utilization Management project was formally chartered in May 2013 to examine the Department of Rehabilitation’s business model, including the redesign and streamlining of its authorization, invoicing, payments, and disencumbering processes.  A sub-project to these efforts included a three month pilot that centralized the vendor invoice processing in the field. This pilot was initiated in January 2014 to improve and streamline DOR invoice approval and payment processes and provide more timely payments to vendors. This webinar is part of a series where members of the NIDILRR-funded RTAC project of VR Program Management present the lessons they've learned through their management initiative. The RTAC is a collaborative initiative to identify, test, and disseminate management practices to build a performance management model tailored to the vocational rehabilitation system.