Maximizing the Payment of Health-Related VR Services by Private Insurers and Medicaid: The VR Program and the Affordable Care Act

Robert 'Bobby' Silverstein
Date/Time [EST]: 
05/14/2013 - 2:00pm

This is another webinar in the series of the webinars on the impact of Affordable Care Act on funding VR services. Robert "Bobby" Silverstein will be presenting results from his latest paper. This webinar will illustrate the policy actions that can be taken by VR agencies, as the Affordable Care Act will allow many states to minimize their VR agency's expenditures for insurance services and increase the number of clients they were otherwise able to serve.

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  • Medicaid Expansion Activity Handout (.doc)
  • State Expansion Activity Handout (.doc)
  • Essential Health Benefits Benchmark Plans Handout (.doc)
  • CCIIO Final and Interim Final Rules Regarding ACA Handout (.doc)