Job-Driven Communities of Practice on LMI and Business Engagement Data Collection

Effective Use of Labor Market Information (LMI) Within VR

The Job-Driven VR Technical Assistance Center (JDVRTAC) is collaborating with the San Diego State Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center (WINTAC) to create a virtual Community of Practice (CoP) on effective use of LMI in VR. The CoP will focus on seven key areas for discussion:

  1. Sources of LMI
  2. How to incorporate LMI into case management systems
  3. How counselors can use LMI to develop individual plans for employment 
  4. How LMI can be used to enhance business engagements
  5. How LMI can be used by leaders for strategic planning
  6. How staff can develop their own "on-the-ground" sources of LMI
  7. Other issues with LMI arising from the field  

VR Business Relations Data Collection and Use 

The Business Engagement Data CoP will focus on how VR agencies can better collect and use business engagement data to improve the agency's overall goal of obtaining employment for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, needs related to the new requirements of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act will be addressed. 

CoP topics will include:

  • Essential and desired business engagement data elements
  • Strategies for data collection
  • How to use the data to assist in employment and pre-employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities
  • Other emerging topics from the field
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