Hoopa Yurok - Re-entry: Inclusion in Indian County

Debra Pizzuto, David Tripp, Michael Gabriel, and Caw-Tep Sylvia
Date/Time [EST]: 
10/20/2015 - 2:30pm

Debra Pizzuto, David Tripp, Michael Gabriel, and Caw-Tep Sylvia from the Hoopa-Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation Program will present on the Hoopa-Yurok VR program’s involvement with the ICI Learning Collaborative, and their work on developing a consumer-driven re-entry program. A foundation of culture evolves through respect, and it also defines the Hoopa-Yurok consumer driven re-entry model. The Hoopa-Yurok's concept of respect is rooted in and drawn from the traditions of their river people in the mountains of northwestern California.