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John Marchioro


Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services


Business Engagement Model

Last Updated: 8/31/2018

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies have developed different structures for business engagement (BE) activities. We understand there is rarely a completely rigid structure for business engagement activities. The BE structure that most closely describes how your agency has organized BE activities.

Direct Service Staff: BE is primarily the responsibility of counselors or other direct service staff.

Description of other BE model.

Some states may be in the process of moving from one BE model or structure to a different one, or the BE model is being developed. Currently undergoing a significant change in your approach to business engagement?


Description of transition of BE models or structure.

We currently have 3 business relations staff and no centralized business relations manager. The primary amount of business relations happens by all our counseling staff combined. However there has been discussion that within this FY19 we will attempt to hire a business relations manager and staff to support a new business relations strategy.

WIOA Partnership Activities

Last Updated: 8/31/2018

Activities that are part of your WIOA partnership approach relative to BE.

We participate in regular meetings with WIOA partners relative to BE.

We connect with businesses as a WIOA employment (or other) team.

We share office space with our WIOA partners

Other - please describe

Description of your other WIOA partnership approach.

All of these checked areas are happening in different areas of Illinois, with varying levels of frequency. At the state level we are actively engaged and members of the Integrated Business Services Team. We have also had many opportunities to provide trainig and education together reegarding busines relations activities.

WIOA Partner Agreements

Last Updated: 8/31/2018

Is only one state agency the lead for BE?


Is the VR agency (either general, combined, or blindness) the designated lead agency?

If the VR agency is not the designated lead, what WIOA agency is the lead agency for BE?

Description of your unique approach or structure.

Additional information about how your agency is structuring BE as a part of the WIOA partnership.

BE Data Collection Strategy

Last Updated: 8/31/2018

Primary method for collecting and storing information about your BE activities.

An agency-developed data tool or process

Description of BE data collection strategy.

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