Where are VR Consumers most often hired?

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What are the most common jobs for VR Consumers across the U.S.? In each year from 2008-2014, VR agencies placed the most consumers in Office and Administrative Support occupations, which includes jobs like Bookkeepers, Customer Service Representatives, Dispatchers, Mail Carriers, and Administrative Assistants.

The top five most common occupations for VR consumers from 2008-2014 are:

  1. Office and Administrative Support
  2. Food Preparation and Serving-related
  3. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
  4. Sales and related occupations
  5. Transportation and Material Moving

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Description: This chart shows the total number of employment outcomes for all VR clients within each major occupation type

Population: All VR clients

Data Source: RSA-911

Instructions: Each bar represents the total number of VR consumers successfully placed within an occupation type. You can view the number of VR consumers successfully placed in a particular occupation type by placing your curser over the bars. Click the left or right arrows to see the data for years from 2008-2014.